Financing Your Solar Panel System in Sask

As a family-owned company, we believe in making solar PV systems attainable for everyone.  We also understand that every household and business is different. Mo’ Solar Company provides several great options for financing your solar panels.

We are happy to work with each valued customer to develop a plan that best meets their individual needs.  Together, we can help you achieve your clean energy goals without breaking the bank!

Project Financing

Mo’ Solar recommends one of the three following financing options:

$20 bills

Cash Purchase

Cash is king!  We are proud to offer one of the most affordable solar installation rates in Sask.  Our mission is to help you transition to a cleaner source of energy as smoothly as possible.  This option allows you to instantly benefit from your investment, without any financing charges.

bank loan

Bank Loan

Securing a home-equity line of credit is a great way for most people to finance their solar purchase. This option allows you to finance the cost of your solar system at a very low-interest rate.

Some customers even add the cost of the system to their existing mortgage. This is another great way to obtain the lowest possible interest rate.

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In-House Financing Program

We want to make it easier for every household to go solar, and we do this by offering in-house financing through a partner with local roots: Financeit.

By financing your solar panels through Mo’ Solar Company, we can help you select loan terms that work best for you.  While many of our competitors add a fee to your loan for providing this service, Mo’ Solar Company offers this to you absolutely free of charge.

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No Hidden Fees, Gimmicks or Unnecessary Hoops.

Financeit is our financing partner, with roots right here in Saskatchewan.  The online application is secure, convenient, and simple.