Ag/Rural Projects


Why Should YOU Go Solar?

Ag and Rural customers are the most vulnerable SaskPower customers when it comes to future rate increases.  Many Ag Producers and Rural residents do not have access to natural gas for heating.  This means MASSIVE power bills in the winter!

Protection Against Rate Hikes

Since there are fewer utility customers per kilometre of distribution line - YOU face a greater likelihood of rate shocks as the Big Orange grapples with aging infrastructure and an increasing number of customers that choose to self-generate with solar power.

25% Cash Back Rebate From the Feds!

Solar power has never been more attainable for homes and farms.  With SaskPower's net metering program you can capture a short-time-offer from the Feds, that provides a one-time cash grant of 25% towards solar PV systems.  You must act fast though - this program is opening another window for applications in June.  We are currently batting 100% success rate applying on behalf of our customers 🙂

A Sound Investment that is Easy to Finance

Solar PV installations are easy to finance and they also qualify for the Canadian Agriculture Loans Act program.  A solar PV system adds value to your property, so it is very bankable from a lending perspective.

Many Ag solar PV projects offer simple payback periods in the realm of 8-10 years, with very strong NPV and return-on-investment outcomes.

Business-Friendly Tax Advantages

If your farm operation is incorporated, you can also benefit from an accelerated capital cost allowance (CCA) provision granted by Canada Revenue Agency; specifically, for renewable energy equipment.  This means that you can fully amortize your system costs in just its first year of operation!