Commercial Projects


Why Should YOU Go Solar?

Commercial property owners/tenants are  extremely vulnerable SaskPower customers when it comes to future rate increases.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

YOU face a high likelihood of rate shocks as Big Orange grapples with aging infrastructure and an increasing number of customers that choose to self-generate with solar power.  Imagine being able to permanently fix one of your biggest variable costs (ie. monthly power bill)!  It is now a distinct possibility - Go Solar!

20% Cash Back Rebate

Solar power has never been more attainable for businesses.  With SaskPower's net metering program you can capture an instant 20% cash rebate on your system installation - up to $20,000!

A Sound Investment that is Easy to Finance

Solar PV installations are easy to finance and they also qualify for many sustainable business grants.  A solar PV system adds value to your commercial property or business, so it is very bankable from a lending perspective.

Many Commercial solar PV projects offer simple payback periods in the realm of 8-10 years, with very strong NPV and return-on-investment outcomes.

Business-Friendly Tax Advantages

If your business or commercial property is incorporated, you can also benefit from an accelerated capital cost allowance (CCA) provision granted by Canada Revenue Agency; specifically, for renewable energy equipment.  This means that you can fully amortize your system costs in the first year!


19.2 kW Rooftop Commercial Project in Development - Q3 2019 Completion - Regina, SK

16 kW Rooftop Commercial Project in Development - Q3 2019 Completion - Regina, SK